Jess Wright Psychotherapy

About Me

My approach is holistic, rooted in the belief that human beings are multi dimensional with many aspects of self. I offer an honest, supportive, non-judgemental and warm environment for you to explore the full range of your emotional experiences, and how you engage in the wider world we live in. While I take a non-pathological stance focused on lived experience, I am happy to work with anyone receiving medical support for their mental health.

My psychotherapy training is based in a Humanistic and Integrative approach. This means I believe everybody is unique, and I draw from different theoretical approaches to tailor my support to you as an individual.

I view the relationship between us as important and part of the healing process. Therapy is a collaborative and shared journey we will co-create. Many difficult feelings and experiences may be the product of our relationships; the therapeutic relationship can not only help us to better understand our connection with others but also our relationship with ourselves.

I am a UKCP registered psychotherapist in my final stage of training with Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling and Middlesex University. I have had a private psychotherapy practice since 2017.

Jess Wright

What to expect:

In our initial session we will spend some time exploring your presenting issues so we can learn about you, and to get a taste of how we work together. We would then decide together whether we feel like a good fit. If we agree to proceed, we will embark on a collaborative process of deeper exploration, with the content guided by what you bring to the sessions. Psychotherapy is an open ended process with no set end date. While the work may last as long as it has value to you, many find a longer working relationship allows for more profound and longer lasting change.


£35 / session

  • All sessions are currently virtual and will last for 50 minutes. Sessions are typically weekly. Psychotherapy is not prescriptive and the number of sessions is dependent on you and your experience.

Our Spaces

Due to the pandemic I'm working both online as well as out of the Practice Rooms on Queen's Square in Bristol. You can find out more information about centre here.

For online sessions I use Zoom. The steps to connect to the secure sessions are simple:
Schedule the Session

We’ll work together via email or phone to schedule a session so you will know what time to connect. You can connect via a laptop or tablet.

Test Your Connection

You can test Zoom well ahead of time by going to
Here you can make sure your audio and video are working.

Connect to the Session

I will have sent you an email with the Zoom link. At the time of the session you just need to click that link.

Tips for a Great Session

1) Find a quiet, private space that you feel comfortable in
2) If possible, use a headset to increase privacy
3) Let any people around you know what you are doing, and ask for privacy
4) Once you are connected, feel free to turn off your ‘self-view’ which can be distracting